Friday, March 29, 2013

Activity: Creative use of a Shakespearean insult

If insulting is an art, then perhaps Shakespeare is at the pinnacle of this art. After all, it takes true craft to malign someone in beautiful language. And this is something that we, the moderators, would like the Flippers to experience: the beauty and fun of Shakespearean insults. 

The Task:

Using the Shakespearean insults from these websites,

Flippers will post a creative use of a Shakespearean insult on Facebook. Creative uses may be…
  1. inserting it in a casual conversation (moderators must be tagged within the conversation stream)
  2. integrating it into a meme
  3. creating a poster out of it
  4. anything else deemed creative and cool that we haven't thought of.

Other than the use of the insult in casual conversation (#1 above), all uses must also be posted on FFP's Facebook group, so that we can all enjoy the insulting atmosphere. Members may also cross-post in the AMND event page or leave the AMND moderators to do so.

Moderators will be posting all entries in this blog for posterity's sake.

Who can join? Members of Flips Flipping Pages, whether or not you're coming to the face-to-face AMND discussion. No limit to the submissions.

When can you post your creative use of the Shakespearean insult? April 1-7.

Reminder: This is for fun, so please do not take this as an opportunity to bombard someone with insults just because you've been wanting to. In other words, don't insult someone seriously and, if you're the recipient, don't take it seriously.

AMND moderators will be choosing the most creative use of the Shakespearean insult. The winner will be announced during the face-to-face discussion on April 20. A prize will be awarded. 

Entries submitted before April 1 or after April 7 will not be considered for the prize, but will be much appreciated nonetheless.:)

So, insult away, you dull and muddy-mettled rascals, you!

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