About the discussion and the book club

When and where is the book discussion?

The face-to-face book discussion is on April 27, 2013, 2-5PM. Venue is tentatively set at Craft Coffee Workshop, near the corner of Broadway and E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City, MM., Philippines.

Who can join the discussion?

This is the official April 2013 book discussion of the online/offline book club Flips Flipping Pages (FFP). So, if you're a member (what we call a "Flipper"), then of course you're welcome to join! If you're not a member, you're still welcome to join! FFP is an open book club. All you need to join is to go to the site and join the group. Sometimes, actually, you don't even need to do that. There are no formalities at all.

Basically, we welcome anyone who enjoys reading and wants to find fellow book lovers.

Where else can I find info about FFP?

Aside from our mothership at Shelfari, you can also find a very active FFP group on Facebook. You're welcome to join the discussions there, too!

What if I can't go? Is there another way to participate? 

Why, yes! The moderators of the AMND discussion have put up this blog and other online venues to encourage participation, both online and offline. Go to the Schedule of Activities page to check out the other activities and how to join. Or simply browse through the blog.

Reading the book

Where can I find a copy (if I don't have one yet)?
Print book:
Your friendly neighborhood bookstore or bookseller is likely to have one.

Project Gutenberg

These sites all offer free ebook versions of AMND.

There are several that offer the complete text of AMND. We're betting you can google them. Here's one.

Is there a specific edition I should read?

No specific edition. So long as it is the full text.

Can I read an adapted, abridged, simplified, etc. version?
Why yes, you can. As long as you read the original along with it.

Can I watch a movie instead?
You can watch a movie, too. But not instead. We'd like to be able to compare the original with any adaptation of the book.

Can I listen to an audio book?
Sure, as long as it's an audiobook of the accepted full text.

Can I use No Fear Shakespeare?
Sure, knock yourself out. But make sure you read both the adaptation and the original.

What happens if I don't read the original text?
You've seen the inscription on Shakespeare's grave? That last part, bones moved or not.:P

Other Stuff

We'll add these as soon as we figure out what they are.

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