Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shakespearean Insults by The Flippers!

Rounding up the entries to the Creative Use of a Shakespearean Insult activity last week. And here are the ones who submitted Shakespearean insults:

c/o Shani, via Facebook

c/o G Higuain, via Shelfari

c/o Joko, via Facebook
c/o Czar, via Facebook (text: What, my dear Lady Janise! Are you yet living?)
c/o Peter, via Facebook
c/o Gege, via Facebook
c/o Gege, via Facebook
c/o Gege, via Facebook
Thanks to everyone who submitted and everyone who still plans to contribute! However, only one of these entries was actually submitted within the entry period, thus making him/her the winner! Confirmation of the winning Shakespearean insult will be during the face-to-face discussion on April 20!

To make it more interesting, we'll be giving a consolation prize to the most popular entry here! Vote for your favorite by leaving a comment below.:)

By the way, you can keep the insults coming, and we'll still post them. This time, not for prizes; just for fun!

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