Thursday, April 11, 2013

Final Venue of the Discussion

And it's going to be at...

Image from this site, which also has a write up on Craft Coffee.


Going with my first option because...

  1. I find the place cozy.
  2. The private room upstairs is, uh, private.
  3. I don't want to sweat it out in a garden setting in the middle of a summer afternoon.

Also, though I'm no connoisseur, the coffee boys I know swear by their coffee. And the baristas are real baristas, I'm told, which means that they will tell you about the flavors and notes in your coffee. Very hipster. We can even watch them roast the beans.

Meet Elizabeth, the coffee roaster.
A few details:

  • We have the room from 3 to 6 PM. (Moved it an hour back bec. I have a talk that'll finish at 1PM.) If you arrive early, you can stay at the first floor.
  • Coffees range from P120-P160.
  • There isn't much food, except for a few pastries. People seem to like the waffle and the banana bread best.
  • The venue costs P6000, consumable. So order lots of coffee and a pastry or vice versa.
  • Obviously we can't have dinner there, unless coffee is one of your basic food groups. For nearby dinner or lunch alternatives (if some of you are meeting early), there's Tomas Morato or Robinson's Magnolia. Or there's a McDonald's and KFC right across.:)
Craft's food menu, for this week.
So, see you guys at Craft Coffee on the 20th!

Address: 66 Broadway Ave., New Manila, QC. (view map)

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