Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Flippers Don't Fear Shakespeare

Original and modern text, side by side. From Act 1, Scene 1. (source)

There's No Fear, Shakespeare, but we're going to come up with our own versions, because Flippers Don't Fear Shakespeare!

Shakespeare's plots and themes are timeless, his characters compelling, and his conflicts gripping. Yet many people struggle with the language of the original, thus missing out on the tales. Here is your opportunity, then, to retell a piece of Shakespeare's AMND in your own language. We use a very loose definition of "language" here, by which we mean in any language, dialect, register, diction, bastardization you prefer.

The Task:
  • choose a section of AMND (may be a short dialogue between or among characters or a speech/soliloquy)
  • translate it into ANY "language" of your choice (Filipino, Bisaya, modern English, beki-speak/swardspeak, Balagtasan, usapang-kanto, if-Jersey-Shore-did-AMND, gangsta rap, if-Mike-translated-AMND-to-some-kind-of-science-speak, etc.)
  • General length: half a page of the mass market paperback to as long as you like (can be the entire play, if you're inclined)
Other Guidelines:
  • Where to post it: On your blog, a Facebook note, as an image and posted on the FFP FB group, on Shelfari, or it may just be submitted to the moderators via email (fantaghiro23 <at> gmail <dot> com) or PM on Facebook. All submissions will be posted on the FFP-AMND blog. Should you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate this in your email, and we'll not include your name in the blog post.
  • However, all shall be revealed in the end, at least in the F2F discussion. AMND moderators will choose the best "translation" during the F2F discussion. A prize will be awarded.
Moderators also reserve the right to ask participants to read their own submissions during the F2F discussion.

Submission period: April 11 - 18

Think of this as practice for our FFP book project, since you'll be writing creatively.:) We're looking forward to reading your entries!

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